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Section 6 - Medical Support

Whitworth Community High School believes that all students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that is suitable differentiated to meet individual needs. It is our belief that all students should aim to achieve their full social, emotional, and academic potential, both within the school community and in wider contexts. Provision will be made for those whose needs are not easily met within the normal academic and pastoral curriculum so that they remain fully integrated as possible. 


Miss S Davies (SENCo) ensures that all staff and members of the governing body understand their duty of care and are informed and regularly trained about medical conditions. All supply and temporary staff are informed of their responsibilities to support students with identified medical needs.


Miss S Davies works closely with the following stakeholders, to support all students with health and medical needs.


  • Pupils
  • Parents and carers
  • School/community nurse
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Teachers
  • Associate staff
  • Local healthcare professionals
  • School Governors
  • Kitchen staff


Support offered includes:


•  Meeting with pupil and parents/carers to discuss their concerns within a confidential environment

•  Making sure staff are updated on student’s medical needs

•  Create and review Individual Healthcare Plans

•  Obtaining advice from relevant health professionals to meet student’s individual needs

•  Arranging for school nurse referrals

•  Oversee the administering of medication including asthma inhalers

•  Meeting with students with various medical conditions

Whitworth Community High School,
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