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Climbing Higher


Regular use of challenge questions in lessons: AGT students are asked to verbalise responses to challenging unseen tasks, both to stretch them and model thinking for other students.


Assessment and Feedback: Students lead DIRT feedback. AGT pupil leads group to help write down model answers.


Tasks: Students are challenged by using open ended questions which lead to multiple pathways to progress.


Essays: provide opportunities for analysis of answers by deconstructing top level model answers.


Private research tasks: Research a particular person or event and explain the relevance to the query being studied! Students present their findings to the class to develop oracy and strengthen neural connections across the corpus callosum.


Academic language: To stretch and challenge - encouraging students to use key terminology effectively. Students engage with second order academic texts (selected excerpts) to synthesise and summarise the viewpoints of respected academics and engage with university level thinking.


Seating plans - Placing stronger pupils together so they push each other. Using paired talking strategies such as carousels to “trickle down” knowledge from GT students to other members of the class, as well as giving GT students the opportunity to “learn by teaching”


Targeted differentiated questions and debate. - Encouraging debate - discussing topics in more depth and from different angles. Use of multiple perspectives in class discussion - teacher or pupil playing “Devil’s advocate”.

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