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Climbing Higher


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Creativity Faculty


Freedom to fall - Instil a sense or a willingness to take risks in their work. Often high creativity requires a greater willingness to push boundaries of ideas, skills and techniques.

Will to Skill - Art requires practice, repeat process it can seem at times a bit dull when developing skills but these skills can be improved, these improved skills lead to improved standards which leads to higher grades.

Stickability - A sense of endurance it’s a ‘long game’! Work requires long term investment to see the bigger picture, to understand work can and does require patience which needs to be a major emphasis to ensure that students can develop more mature work of exceptional technical skills.

Narrow Path - Develop a greater sense of independence to go it alone, to make decisions without constant teacher verification - independent thinking of their own work.



Drama and Performing Arts


Open ended stimulus tasks

Raising aspirations

Educational Visits - We offer a number of educational visits to students throughout the year to inspire and allow them to question theatres and its parameters.

Challenging play texts- Play texts are chosen to allow their own exploration with more challenging practitioners.


High expectations

Leadership - Students are challenged to lead groups often in lessons and challenged to offer support to others.




Group Leaders- More able students are expected to lead group performance and composition tasks.

High expectations - High expectations of all students with ‘good’, ‘even better’, ‘exceptional’ graded outcomes for all tasks to ensure that all students, including most able, are continually stretched and challenged.

Visiting performers/ concert/ theatre visits - Students are given opportunities to hear professional musicians within school and to attend concerts.

Musicians - Students who are learning musical instruments outside of the classroom and encouraged to use these in lessons and are continually given challenging tasks to develop their skills as musicians.

Pace - All lessons have a challenging pace.

Creativity and original thought. - Composition tasks give students the opportunity to work creatively.

Use of ICT to enhance composition work - More able musicians will be pushed to notate their compositions using Sibelius.

Musical vocabulary ‘Higher Level Language’- ‘Stretch and challenge’ musical vocabulary used in discussions and questioning of all students, with more advanced vocabulary used with students who are more able musicians.




Trips - Bringing the language to life in real life situation.

Language leaders - Recognition of AGT in MFL and selected to lead on an aspect of MFL club.

Linking to English Literacy - Grammatical terms used often and explained by AGT.

Target Language - Higher level Target Language for more able, modelled with information which is less contextualized.

Competition - Spelling Bee - open to all however encouraged for AGT to attend and complete competition in Target Language.

Given guided freedom - Given a template, be creative. Originality and research tasks with increased independence.

Reacting to the unknown - Allowed to experience the reality of a MFL by sensing the unknown when responding to questions / asking questions.

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