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Climbing Higher


Regular use of increasingly challenging questions- AGT students exposed to challenging tasks in lessons. These often require them to apply knowledge to an unfamiliar situation.


Guided reading- Use of challenging texts which aims to stretch both knowledge and vocabulary in a supportive way.


Academic vocabulary- Encourage students to ‘speak and write like scientists’.


Recommended reading- students are encouraged to read a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Staff recommend texts to interested students.


Extracurricular activity- Students have the opportunity to visit events with scientific speakers to inspire and instil a greater understanding of subjects covered in class and beyond.AGT events students are invited to participate in STEM events.


Open Evening - Students are given the opportunity to take a leadership role in demonstrating to parents and other students.


Careers - Discuss further prospective careers and potential opportunities in university or industry whenever possible in lessons.


Whitworth Community High School,
Hall Fold, Whitworth, Rossendale,
Lancashire, OL12 8TS