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Innovation Faculty



Strategies used in DT without listing every extensions task and project and detain for Stretch include.

Year 8 Laser team to allow able pupils to practice skills regularly in order to enhance skills on both CAD software which can only time and practice. Gain confidence and Skill in operation CAM software such as the Laser cutter and vinyl cutter that cannot be taught earlier in the curriculum due to many students inability to comprehend the complex nature of the topic and skill.

Year 9 3D Printing Club allows able pupils to practice skills regularly in order to enhance skills on both CAD software this time industry standard Solidworks (very steep learning curve, year 11's struggle) which can only time and practice. Gain confidence and Skill in operation CAM software such as the 3D printer that cannot be taught earlier in the curriculum due to many students inability to comprehend the complex nature of the topic and skill.

The implementation of these clubs has already started to show a far superior knowledge for students within the clubs as they Enter KS4 meaning they can complete more ambitions and complex projects due to the understanding they have gain that would not be acquired without this extra practice time.

Differentiation by tasks throughout projects, this allows us (with the aid of a technician to select more able pupils from a given class and push them to incorporate higher end skills such as vinyl cutting and sublimation printing earlier that pupils would access this information.

Opened research is used often especially in year 8 plastics topic for higher ability pupils to research GCSE DT and Chemistry topic of Cracking and fractional distillation. This is also a major focus of GCSE DT research section so the ability to be able to independently research a completely different topic to everyone else in the class has become more prevalent.

Freedom to Fall- In year 11 currently year 10 from this year we are pushing students to be as creative a possible with regards potential designs to develop great understanding of feasibility of products through modelling and design. In is showcasing some great creativity and helping understanding of skill pupils may have otherwise not have needed.



Physical Education


Challenge in pace through activity and lesson - WK PACE SPEED - Faster pace as years progress through.

High expectations - Skill to reach highest - all sections of all courses strive to set high expectations. Each skill level s hierarchical and challenge is set to reach the next section throughout culmination in the highest levels are linked through to elite levels.

Use of language increasing throughout courses - Meaningful communication - Language both spoken and written reflect key terminology and how it is best represented in the written format. Formulation of sentences and how appropriate these flow or flounder.

Problem solving - How to sift knowledge to choose correctly - Scenarios are set which challenge throughout and provoke a strategy to solve what has been tasked. Tactical knowledge or route to knowledge for exam ques.

Competitions and instilling competitive edge to succeed. - Perseverance to succeed - Each practical session includes games with scoring /success instilling the qualities of perseverance and determination - the activity level is altered to raise the stakes higher further.

Cooperative learning and collaborative. - Changing Environment- Constant change of group dynamics to open up thoughtful exchange of ideas to answer task.

Effective questioning to achieve analysis and evaluation in skill and theory. - Step by step analysis - question composed in a differing way to reflect exam questions linked to sporting events / individuals and also theory categories to find an ingenious way to answer.

Effective different lated task and outcome. - Skill or knowledge acquisition - All tasks show a continuation of deeper knowledge or refined demonstration practise is fine-tuned or altered to show continuing development in theory - subject matter is added in further layers of knowledge.



Computer science / Business


GCSE Exam style questions/ topics at KS3 - At KS3 the GCSE results are in a format similar to the GCSE in a way that it requires extended answers which will stretch the more able.

Use of analysis and evaluation questions at KS3 and KS4 - Incorporating essay style questions in assessments in order to allow students to analyse and evaluate.

Cyber Security competitions in an online platform KS3 - Students login and are given challenges to complete (problem solving). They are industry standard to allow students to gain a flavour of computer science jobs.

Young Business Enterprise Project. - Students are to present to judges/ other students/ other teachers about how they have raised money. They need to calculate profit/ loss taking into account actual spending.

Research based tasks will allow for independent learning. - Linking actual learning to real life scenarios i.e. researching the financial accounts of LTD and PLC businesses.

Flipped learning - Students are given specific topics and are required to create a presentation/ resources for their peers. The topic is dependent on the ability.

Use of high level language. (Key terms assessment) - At KS3 Students are encouraged to use GCSE terminology both in verbal answers and written formative assessment. At KS4 this will become the norm, and the introduction of turning key terms into images.

Robotics club on a Thursday evening Y8 top 15 students. - Robotic project will be used. Students will be targeted using an average assessment grade over Y7 and 8. Top 15 chosen.



Health and Social Care


Visiting Speakers - Unit 1 - understand job roles of health and social care practitioners. I aim to get various speakers into school to discuss job roles in HSC. A parent has also shown interest in coming into school.

Differentiation - By outcome in health and social care, students are graded pass, merit or distinction. Command words in assessments are dependent on working grades. Pass: Identify Merit: Describe Distinction: Explain/analyse.

Events - Students to organise/ get involved with an event for service users in the local community (care home?).

Independence - Students research and complete work independently. Red zone (independent learning) incorporated into the lesson.

Expectation - Students that are AGT would be expected to aim for distinction grade in all work set.

Language/ thinking - AGT students are expected to use key HSC terminology during conversation and in written work Blooms Taxonomy. Students expected to answer higher order thinking questions.

Research - Students are expected to research key information themselves and produce documents showing what they have found. Students not allowed to copy - own words used.

Group Tasks - AGT Students are expected to lead group tasks showing key skills. Communication, organisational.

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