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Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent Statement

Health and Social Care


Health and Social Care at Whitworth Community High School enables learners to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the health and social care sector.  As a Key Stage 4 subject, we deliver the Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care.  The qualification is divided into three units:


An introduction to the health and social care sector- This unit gives students the opportunity to explore different types of health and social care provision available to individuals. Students will learn about the job roles of a range of health and social care practitioners. They will gain insight into the ways different services work together to meet the needs of individuals at different life stages.  Students will find out about the barriers that may stop individuals accessing services and examine how care providers can help to overcome those barriers so that individuals receive the care they need. They will also learn about how regulatory bodies monitor and influence the quality of services provided in health and social care.


Professional practice and the health and social care practitioner- This unit gives students the opportunity to explore working practice in health and social care and how it is underpinned by the care values in order to provide person-centred care.  The skills, attributes and behaviours needed by care practitioners and the importance of working within the boundaries of the law are considered.  Students will learn the main differences between working and personal relationships and how different health and social care practitioners and agencies can work together to meet the holistic needs of the service users.  Different career pathways and how to achieve them by creating a personal development plan are also explored.


Human growth and development through life stages- This unit provides a broad, in-depth knowledge base from which learners can explore working practice in health and social care. Completing this unit provides students with an understanding of:


  • Stages of development from conception to birth
  • Potential effects on development of preconception experiences, pre birth experiences and during birth experiences
  • Life stages
  • Holistic development
  • Theoretical development
  • Factors impacting on human growth and development
  • Transition and significant life events across life stages
  • The role of care planning in relation to meeting individual needs and promoting the well being


There is an external scenario based short examination paper as well as controlled assessment for each unit of work. 


Students are informed about careers in health and social care throughout each unit of work. Guest speakers are invited into lessons to discuss job roles and future career options. By completing three extensive core mandatory units and having input from outside agencies, health and social care allows students to make informed decisions concerning future career goals and aspirations.  Many students at WCHS go onto complete health and social care studies at post 16.

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