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Climbing Higher


Curriculum Intent


The learning students engage with in English is sequenced to present students with fresh challenges, engaging texts and different perspectives that open their minds to wider possibilities beyond their immediate experience and develop their appreciation of a world alive with language.  Students will spend three years exploring the subject in KS3 and building the necessary knowledge, skills and appreciation, before embarking on the challenges of an externally examined KS4 curriculum. In English we must seek to:

  • develop our students’ core knowledge and skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening resulting in them being able to progress their understanding, thinking and expression within and outside of our subject

  • enable our students to access wider educational experiences and open up an appreciation of knowledge and understanding

  • inspire them with an appreciation of: literary creativity and heritage; complex ideas; a range of perspectives; critical and analytical skills.


Our inspiration is drawn from: 

  • the Shakespearean canon;

  • the 19th, 20th and 21st century; 

  • different cultural and social backgrounds and perspectives; 

  • audio, visual and written texts

  • poetry, drama, short stories, flash fiction, novels and from non-fiction sources. 


Our curriculum is embedded with: 

  • knowledge and understanding of key terminology, grammar, etymology and vocabulary 

  • critical, analytical and creative skills for understanding and expression of ideas; 

  • appreciation of language and literature, reading and writing; social, moral, spiritual, cultural and philosophical ideas, both contemporary and historical

Whitworth Community High School,
Hall Fold, Whitworth, Rossendale,
Lancashire, OL12 8TS