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Climbing Higher

Able, Gifted and Talented

Provision for able, gifted and talented students is an integral part of the teaching and learning that takes place at Whitworth Community High School. All teachers are teachers of the Most Able, and providing for their needs is a whole school responsibility. Thus every teacher is responsible for recognising the needs of the Most Able students and ensuring that they are afforded subject-specific teaching strategies to enable them to climb higher towards their academic potential.



• ensure students recognise they are gifted and talented.

• ensure students capitalise on opportunities.

• raise the aspirations of the most able students at WCHS so that they feel that they can confidently apply to Russell Group Universities or higher-level technical opportunities e.g., degree apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and school leaver programs.





Working with our Careers lead, our AGT students receive bespoke careers advice throughout the year. This includes helping to identify future careers, finding the steps to get there and placing students into ‘career groups’ for mentoring.   



Developing leadership skills is a key part of the AGT Scheme.  We work with Burnley College to deliver a leadership training day.  The day is designed to help students understand what leadership skills are, and how they can be used at work, in personal development and positively influencing others.  Leadership is also covered as part of discussions around careers, future opportunities and meet-the-professionals talks.


Meet the Professionals 

We invite industry professionals who are leaders in their field to speak to our students to present what they do and our AGT students have an extensive Q&A session with them including:


  • Biomedical scientist 
  • Space engineer 
  • Journalist  



Establish an aspirational pathway for our students by inviting The Oxbridge Universities and Rochdale 6th Form College to speak to our students about how to improve future prospects. 


Progress Review

Using the progress data each term, we review progress and establish an action plan alongside students using SMART target setting to ensure students achieve the highest grades.     


Scholars Programme

A current PhD student from a University mentors students, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to progress to the most competitive universities. 


Vision Dashboard

Help students to identify and present, including where they want to be in the future, a plan of how to get there, barriers to carrying out the plan and the help and support needed to remove those barriers.


Whitworth Community High School,
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