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Climbing Higher


Challenging texts and source material:  Our curriculum has been carefully curated to offer challenging Literature and non-fiction from different places and different times.  Materials are chosen in part to encourage wider reading experiences.  This is also reflected in the wider reading that is offered through our form time reading program and the offer of accelerated reader.


Teacher modelling:  As part of the process of teaching the writing of academic responses, creative and transactional writing staff model writing and reading responses in real time, offering students a window into the decision process that the ‘expert’ writer might engage with.


Modelled examples: We include modelled examples from year seven that demonstrate gateway skills and clear levels of understanding, but then demonstrate how detail and development can be achieved.  Modelled examples demonstrate active and tangible steps towards perceptive responses.


Discussion debate and questioning: The subject of English is inherently philosophical in nature and schemes include opportunities for discussion of a complex ethical and philosophical nature.  Staff are actively encouraged to develop debate as part of the exploration of themes and topic of study.  Questioning is used to challenge assumptions and seek nuance in argument.


High aspirations and expectations: All students are encouraged to aspire to the highest possible attainment levels.  References to previous students and success stories within the department remind students that excellence is the result of hard work and an open enquiring mind.

Use of critical approaches: Academic texts and vocabulary are planned into schemes of learning and academic approaches are taught for literary criticism.  For example discussion tasks where students take on a feminist, marxist or conservative perspective

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