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Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography – aims to draw together a wider geographical understanding and connectivity of the world today for our students. The geography curriculum follows the NC aims to improve knowledge of place and concepts and allows for students to apply their learning to similar locations. Human, physical and environmental processes are learnt in a specifically designed sequence and scheme of learning, in line with the latest OFSTED research review (June 2021). Students are given the opportunity to build upon their skills in Geography using a range of mathematical and statistical techniques. Additionally the curriculum aims to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of every student and to develop British values of democracy and the rule of law.

KS3: Y7-Y9 – to read maps confidently and improve sense of place and location. To understand how geographical phenomena has shaped the world and to complete case studies and then apply knowledge to other places interleaving and interweaving knowledge learnt.

KS4: Y10 - Y11– to complete independent enquiries on fieldwork studies. To build knowledge on physical, human and environmental geography, allowing students to infer, analyse and evaluate or use evidence to make a decision. Students are taught a range of skills preparing them for KS5 should they wish to pursue their studies further.


The best students do these things in every lesson:

Makes explicit links between different geographical topics 

Ask learning questions to support discussion and debate 

Uses knowledge of science, maths and English to help with geography questions 

Proof read submitted work.


Curriculum Plan

For curriculum progression, a high quality Geography education is provided at WCHS that bring together a careful selections of content, organisation of the content, choice of teaching approaches and assessment.  Students will be constantly challenged to think about what is happening to our planet now and what this will mean for the future. As they move into KS4 they will be asked to think about the management strategies required on planet Earth to guarantee a better future for the planet.


KS3 - in Y7, Y8 and Y9 students follow the National Curriculum studying Weather and Climate, Tectonic Hazards, Coastal Processes, Ecosystems, Climate Change, Global Development, Child Soldiers, Water Crisis, Child Labour, Fair Trade, Migration, MNC’s and River Processes and River Flooding. 


KS4- in Y10 and Y11 students build upon their knowledge, skills and learning to prepare for Eduqas Spec B GCSE Geography which includes the topics of: Coastal Management, Rivers and River Management, Ecosystems, Extreme Weather, Water Management, Global Cities, Urban Processes, Uneven Patterns of Development and Geographical Issues and Fieldwork.


There is an emphasis to provide students with: locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical processes which also include environmental.

Concepts taught include: place, space, scale, interdependence, physical and human processes, environmental impact, sustainable development, cultural awareness, cultural diversity. 


Assessment and Challenge

KS3 & KS4

Diagnostic assessment

Students are questioned throughout each lesson and provided with verbal feedback – visible in students’ work, - with the aim of gauging students’ knowledge and understanding. This exposes any weaknesses and strengths before any assessments and allows the teacher to plan future lessons to highlight any misconceptions. The questioning is a mixture of closed and open-ended so it provides plenty of opportunities for students to show off their knowledge.


Formative assessment

The methods used for checking current and prior knowledge throughout the teaching of the content is ‘retention and retrieval’ tasks that all incorporate exam style questions and knowledge. There are also key term checks.


Summative assessment

At the end of each topic, students complete an assessment on the topic in order to check knowledge, understanding, application and skills.


Confirmative assessment

As part of the school calendar, students will regularly have mock exams and which each of these mocks, students will be expected to recap knowledge taught throughout the course and not just at the end of each topic.


British Values

Our intention is to enhance the core British Values of students by developing a greater sense of tolerance and understanding of class, gender and ethnic diversity and differences in society and the role and purpose of key institutions. At Whitworth Community High School we pride ourselves on lessons being thought provoking and exposing students to our rich British history. This is highlighted and discussed when we teach topics such as Development, Migration, Child Soldiers, Child Labour, Fair Trade, MNC’s, Water Crisis & Development. Global issues elsewhere highlighted to our pupil’s make them aware of British Values they possess in contrast with some other places in the world.  Pupil voice in this subject suggests that students enjoy learning about laws that underpin our society and values.


Developing Aspirations and Challenging Thinking 

At WCHS we aim to provide a broad and balanced Geography education for all students which builds on prior knowledge and skills.

Engage students in learning which is enjoyable, stimulating and relevant to students now and for the future management of the planet.

Provide students with an understanding of the application of the knowledge and skills they acquire and use in the Geography classroom into real world situations, e.g. Flood management in the UK in towns Blackpool, Change in retail, Manchester Town Centre.

Provide students with an understanding of how the social, economic and environmental impacts of human activities and natural processes affect people in different countries and economic conditions in a variety of ways.

To help students develop the empathy levels, so that they understand that the world is made up of very different places both in terms of landscape and climate as well as economically and politically.

To promote the highest aspirations amongst students in Geography: to have dreams for the future and to work towards them in the present 

To develop resilience within Geography lessons, self-belief and self-motivation in lessons and home learning

To enable every student to reach their full academic potential in Geographical skills, knowledge and understanding

To promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of every student and to develop British values of democracy and the rule of law

To create a safe and secure, disciplined and happy learning environment in all Geography lessons.


Career Options

Our intent is to provide a basis for moving to an AS/A Level moving students towards a number of careers, including working in geology, town planning, climatologist surveyors or water conservation.

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