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Whitworth Community High School

Climbing Higher

School Ethos and Values

Our curriculum:

  • Is appropriate and relevant to all our students
  • Is progressive and flexible, interleaved and sequenced to develop knowledge, skills and understanding which lead to valuable, sustainable learning for all students
  • Provides opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills across curriculum areas
  • Recognises the increasing pressures of the digital age on students, and supports their understanding of how to stay safe
  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of students 
  • Promotes opportunities across the curriculum for the development of positive health and wellbeing
  • Provides a broad range of subjects/courses that engage, challenge and raise student aspirations
  • Promotes learning and an enjoyment of learning through a wide range of contexts and experiences
  • Promotes reading


Our school will support and inspire students to:

  • They have the confidence, resilience and knowledge to support their own mental and physical wellbeing and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • They have high aspirations, an ambitious vision for their future, and recognise education as central to this
  • They are developed spiritually, morally, socially and culturally
  • They have a positive work ethic and thus achieve their academic potential
  • They are happy and enjoy school
  • They are respectful, tolerant and empathetic towards others and uphold British values
  • They know their own strengths and areas for development
  • They can make informed decisions and understand their rights and responsibilities


Our vision for our students as lifelong learners:

  • Confident individuals with respect for self and others, able to relate to others, to manage themselves and to communicate effectively 
  • Responsible citizens with  the commitment to participate responsibly in economic, social and cultural life; who have a moral purpose in life and values by which to live
  • Successful, confident learners with enthusiasm and motivation for learning, able to link and apply skills and knowledge to new situations
  • Effective contributors with resilience, creative ideas and problem-solving skills
Whitworth Community High School,
Hall Fold, Whitworth, Rossendale,
Lancashire, OL12 8TS