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Our vision for GCSE Sociology at Whitworth Community High School is to develop the students ‘sociological imagination’ and for them to understand the social world and our behaviour in it. 


The course follows the AQA syllabus with students immersing themselves in the core topics of Education, Families, Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification which are underpinned by key theoretical perspectives and methods, exploring issues such as inequality, the distribution and use of power and experiences of different social groups in society. Our intent is to challenge student thinking and developing their understanding about how social processes and structures in society work and how societies influence us and shape our lives. 


Also, we will be challenging contemporary, topical and relevant issues using documentaries and the news to make links with the theoretical content of the course. Students are encouraged to develop their opinions along with their evaluative and critical skills.


As part of their learning they will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, constructing reasoned arguments, making judgements and drawing reasoned conclusions. There will be plenty of classroom debate involved. The intention of these debates is to enhance the following:


A strong understanding of the key institutions.


Explore and examine the impact and influence of key institutions in understanding society.


Identify, critically analyse and evaluate different sociological approaches within Sociology.


Critically evaluate an array of investigative techniques when carrying out sociological research.


Furthermore, our intention is to enhance the core British Values of students by developing a greater sense of tolerance and understanding of class, gender and ethnic diversity and differences in society and of the role and purpose of key institutions


Sociology is a highly regarded course that could lead to a variety of courses in higher education and many different careers. Our intent is to provide a basis for moving on to an AS/A Level as well as vocational subjects such as Health and Social Care It could also take our students towards a number of careers, including working in the civil service, legal occupations, healthcare, medical fields, social work and teaching.


Please click here to access the link to the AQA website for Sociology

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