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Assessment provides the basis for informed teaching in the classroom and its purpose is to improve standards. Students are able to make progress when they understand the objectives of the learning taking place and are able to identify the steps needed to achieve these objectives.
Assessment for learning allows students to:


1. become involved in their own learning with direction and motivation that results from a clear
understanding of the progress they are making towards their end of key stage target
2. understand where they need to improve in order to make progress into the next level of attainment,
setting appropriate personal targets
3. engage in peer and self-assessment to reinforce understanding of assessment criteria
4. adopt greater responsibility for their own learning
Assessment for learning allows teachers to:
5. involve students in their own learning, where possible, using APP, a structured approach to
assessment that is based on the assessment focuses (AFs) that contribute to the National Curriculum
levels in a specific subject area
6. use diagnostic information about students’ strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor teaching to
students’ individual needs
7. track students’ progress through the Key Stage
8. set curricular targets for individuals and groups of students
9. review the effectiveness of curriculum provision
10. gather evidence on which to base clear, constructive feedback to students in class and to their
parents via the school’s systems for reporting


CAGS Qualifying Assessments


This information indicates the common qualifying assessments which subjects are using to determine teacher assessed grades in 2021. Please click below to download.

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